What’s in a Brand? Customer loyalty is the lifeline to any growing business


What’s in a Brand? Customer loyalty is the lifeline to any growing business

SAHIM ZAID WALL QUOTE_2 - CopyCorporate Branding is about consistency! I always say that if a company provides its employees with business cards then that employee has an obligation to sell. In addition, they must also be able to educate users of the products and/or services the company offers. In turn, they will need the tools to “Land the Plane” in regards to closing a deal with potential clients in order to generate new business. I’ve built a career with creating and supplying anyone on the front line of sales and customer engagement with the marketing communication tools needed to get the word out. This includes designing uniform Email Signatures, Business Stationary, PowerPoint Presentations, Website Designs, developing the Elevator Pitch and more.

A growing business needs to be sure that all employees recognize themselves as ambassadors of the company. They need to be well versed with the mission statement and are equipped with communicating the value the company brings to a client’s needs. These communication tools must have a consistent “Branded” message that is easy to follow and possess the most recent facts, figures, illustrations and other points of reference needed to insure a favorable return on investment.

The creative team at Zaid Designs will help to develop a company image that is easily recognizable to establish a sense of loyalty from your target audience. Our goal is to be an extension of your business development team by creating vehicles of communication to help you Inform, Educate and Connect with your target audience.


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