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Top 3 elements to keep in mind for creating a Successful Presentation…

The final step of using charts, photos or other visual aides to help connect the dots should be saved for last. If you feel that your in need of a redesign or just need an extra pair of eyes to review your deck, don’t hesitate to call us for Presentation Assistance at 954.552.2985.

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1) Tell them what you’re going to tell them

We’ve built a career on helping our clients regain confidence about presenting their work and experiences to win new deals. Starting with your appearance, how you enter a room, shake hands and following up with emails are all essential.

2) Tell them

Keeping someone’s attention during a presentation is all together a different tactic. These are the top 3 points of interest for organizing your presentation that will keep your audience engaged and increase your chances of building relationships at your next conference or speaking engagement.

3) Tell them what you told them

Upon conclusion of your presentation, you should always recap all of the points of interest that you covered and direct them to a website to register and download a summarized copy. This way you’ll maintain contact of all participants.

Design Process

As simple as it sounds, if you’re an expert at whatever it is that you do, there’s a chance that you can go on and on about the technical details and risk losing the attention of the people in the back of the room. I suggest that you keep it simple by answering these 3-points in bullet form.

Step 1 is the introduction of yourself, your team and/or your company in an outline form of what's to be covered.

Step 2 - is your chance to identify the problem and showcase your company's capabilities (why choose us).

Step 3 is a simple recap of what you've discussed and follow up with a Q&A section.

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