Leading Construction Company transitions from a Reactive to a Proactive Marketing Plan


Leading Construction Company transitions from a Reactive to a Proactive Marketing Plan

TD-PP_Vegas_1B4For many construction companies the general rule of thumb regarding marketing is “If it aint broke, why fix it?” Unfortunately, this form of reactive thinking can be detrimental towards the growth of any corporation. For instance, they presume that their work sells itself and the phones will always ring. I’m here to say that no matter how shiny your gold may be, it can always use polishing, meaning, never become complacent with your reputation/position in your industry. You should always be mindful of the climate of the marketplace. At Zaid Designs, we like to use advertising as a means to remind your target audience of your company milestones and longevity in the game. Whether by routine email blasts, social media posts or pay-per-click campaigns, our objective is to help you increase your visibility and remain in the forefront of the mind of a decision maker looking to do business with you. Themed Development Management, the developers of the “High Roller” on the Las Vegas Strip have taken the steps necessary to promote the success of their projects both on and offline.


Client Testimonial:

Themed Development Management is a full-service construction management company serving clients in Exclusive Resort Destinations, Theme Parks and Major Attractions Worldwide. Some of our most recognized projects include Disney’s MGM Studios, Epcot Center and Universal Studios Theme Parks. You can find two of our latest attractions on the Vegas Strip: The High Roller, the largest observation wheel in the world and Slotzilla, the world’s tallest double deck zip line slot machine.

TD-UIOA_01_WebAbout six years ago my partners and I realized that our company growth was contingent upon changing our focus and appearance both on and offline. From the beginning we looked to the expertise of Zaid Designs for assistance on using the internet to help re-position our company. Zaid Designs was instrumental with the first redesign of our website to showcase our company milestones, leadership bios and developing a portfolio section to organize our projects and services. In addition to the redesign, they were most helpful with providing direction on how best to tell our story through selecting the right project photos and showing us why taking the time to craft a descriptive message behind our works will benefit us in the long run. At the time Flash was king and they also made good use of interactive animation to make the site stand out from the rest. Not to mentioned the easy to reproduce marketing collateral handouts.

Flash forward to today, we had to accommodate for the changes in web surfing technologies so we turned to Zaid Designs again for direction on how best to present ourselves to a more sophisticated target audience. Again we were made aware of the importance of a streamlined navigation, using the homepage to show our video footage, upgrading our host servers and optimizing the quality of our project photos for increased viewership.

I would highly recommend Zaid Designs to any corporation looking to showcase a new invention, products and or services. It would be in your best interest to find a creative team that can help shed light on internet marketing trends and to provide the tools to help you inform, educate and connect with your target audience.


Lonnie M. Reed
Principal – Themed Development Management, LLC


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