About Zaid Designs

Zaid Designs, Inc. is a Web Development & Presentation Consulting firm, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Specializing in designing portfolio web sites and sales presentations for clients in Finance, Retail, Architecture, Education, and Non-profit organizations.

The goals of Zaid Designs, Inc. are to be an extension of your business development team by developing vehicles of communication that help you Inform, Educate and Connect with your target audience. With changes in business models, you may need help with integrating and adapting your everyday business practice to the ever changing world of e-Commerce and Social Media Communications. Through selecting Zaid Designs, you will regain confidence in your company image and realize an in depth understanding on how to leverage your online portfolio in creating new, higher valued relationships with prospects and customers alike.

Who We Work With - Photographers, Videographers, Creative Writers, Programmers, 3-D Artists and other dedicated communications specialists with a shared passion for Brand and Identity Development.

This is a small representation of the expertise needed to produce memorable web sites that enhance the end user experience. We are constantly building a network of talented individuals who are experts in their field of interest who also share our passion for helping those in need of growing their business online. It is through Zaid Designs, Inc. that together we can push the envelope in regards to communicating your "Big Idea."

Take a look at what you have, have had, and would like to have and give us a call to discuss where you would like to be. Whether you're a sole proprietor or head of a billion dollar corporation, the application is still the same; Set your goals, identify a budget, assign the right person/s for the undertaking, and monitor your success.

The Secret to Our Success...

  • Presentation Specialist

    Sahim Zaid

    passion: Art History
    Famous for: Teaching
    INSPIRATION: Humility
  • Marketing/Finance

    Francine Stessel

    passion: Finance
    Famous for: Traveling
    INSPIRATION: Commitment
  • Graphic Artist

    Randy McCafferty

    passion: Motorcycles
    Famous for: Art Collecting
  • Marketing Coordinator

    Jessy Valencia

    passion: Philanthropy
    Famous for: Volunteering
  • Creative Writer

    Alexandra Roland

    passion: Language Arts
    Famous for: Story Telling
    INSPIRATION: Women in Business
  • Project Manager

    Dawn Smith

    PASSION: Exotic Teas
    Famous for: Modeling
    INSPIRATION: Positive Thought
  • UI/UX Developer

    Pedram Nimreezy

    passion: Cooking
    Famous for: Bright Ideas
    INSPIRATION: Ingenuity

Client Testimonials

  • It is so comforting to have a partner in this game... you truly care about our success and I appreciate the way you follow through with sing our ideas come to light.

    – Gwen Johnson, Crescendo Jazz & Blues
  • We can count on your ability to provide the same excellent service to our clients as you do for us.

    – Torry Watson, Cambridge Specialty
  • You've given us a presence that's above and beyond our expectations.

    - David Harvin, MB Christian Academy
  • I know that your just a phone call away if I need to run an idea by knowledgable and dedicated marketing technologists.

    - Eric Haynes, Inner Urban Holdings

Valued Clients - Case Studies