About us

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Zaid Designs, Inc. is a full service Internet Marketing & Advertising firm. Although our core business is marketing & promotion for the construction industry, we have additional fields that we’re currently expanding into with great success including:

  • Can Manufacturing
  • Healthcare/Telemedicine
  • Community Cultural Arts Programs

The reality is, no matter the condition of the economy, there will always be someone with a bright idea on how to improve their personal situation or their job at hand. That is where our presentation services comes in handy. Our phone rings when someone needs help closing the deal or as we say “Landing the Plane” for securing funding for a start up company, an invention, or promoting a new service offering.

With changes in business models, our clients need help with integrating and adapting their everyday business practice to the ever changing world of technology, e-Commerce and Social Media Communications. Through selecting Zaid Designs, you will regain confidence in your company image and realize an in-depth understanding on how to leverage your company milestones in creating new, higher valued relationships with prospects and customers alike.

The goals of Zaid Designs are to be an extension of your business development team by developing vehicles of communication that help you Inform, Educate and Connect with your target audience.

Sahim Zaid

Sahim is the founder of Zaid Designs, Inc. He leads a team of Communication Aficionados that are passionate about helping businesses succeed on and off line.

Presentation Specialist

Sahim Zaid

PASSION: Art History
FAMOUS FOR: Teaching


Francine Stessel

PASSION: Finance
FAMOUS FOR: Traveling

Project Manager

Dawn Smith

PASSION: Exotic Teas
FAMOUS FOR: Modeling
INSPIRATION: Positive Thought

Marketing Coordinator

Jessy Valencia

PASSION: Philanthropy
FAMOUS FOR: Volunteering

UI/UX Developer

Pedram Nimreezi

PASSION: Cooking
FAMOUS FOR: Bright Ideas

SEO/Internet Marketing

Ronald Jackson

PASSION: Maximizing Life
FAMOUS FOR: Being My Word