About us

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Zaid Designs, Inc. is an Internet Marketing, Advertising & Presentation Consulting firm, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Specializing in developing Portfolio Websites, Corporate Branding, and Digital Marketing Strategies for clients in Finance, Retail, Architecture, Education, New Enterprise and Non-profit organizations.

The goals of Zaid Designs, Inc. are to be an extension of your business development team by developing vehicles of communication that help you increase your brand awareness, make it easy to do business with you and ultimately grow your business. Every business leader needs to be razor sharp focused on communicating the comparative advantage and value added service their company offers its investors, business partners and customers alike. With changes in technologies, our dedicated team of communication professionals can help with integrating and adapting your everyday business practice to the demands of an informed consumer through the ever changing medium of e-Commerce and Social Media Communications.

Through selecting Zaid Designs as your digital marketing agent, you’ll realize an increase in confidence in your company image and your business development team will gain an in-depth understanding on how to leverage your work experiences and company milestones to win new deals.

The creative team at Zaid Designs will help to create new, higher valued relationships with prospects and customers and provide you with the tools to help you Inform, Educate and Connect with your target audience.

Sahim Zaid

Sahim is the founder of Zaid Designs, Inc. He leads a team of Communication Aficionados that are passionate about helping businesses succeed on and off line.