2017 D3Expo.com – Miami Dade College


2017 D3Expo.com – Miami Dade College

Zaid Designs lending support with portfolio reviews of local students at this year’s 2017 D3Expo.com (at the Miami Dade College North Campus.) I was fortunate to be invited for the 2nd year to participate in a panel discussion and Q&A session regarding career possibilities in the field of communication arts.

To think when I was a student back at Salem, my FRIENDS would laugh at my choosing to be an art major and would joke about how I was going to make a living at drawing pictures. Flash forward to today, (www.themeddevelopment.com) the builders of Disney’s Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios worldwide have needed my help to communicate their capabilities to potential clients. I passed this tidbit of information onto anyone in earshot to the podium… lol I hope to have made an impression on not just the students but faculty as well in regards to preparing these students for entering the workforce or venturing off on their own path as graphic/digital artists.

Shout out to the other panelists, vendors, keynote speakers and Prof. Eric Cornish – Graphic Design / Motion Design Faculty, Miami Dade College School of Entertainment & Design Technology (ecornish@mdc.edu).

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